British American Tobacco calls for tougher rules on e-cigarettes

British American Tobacco calls for tougher rules on e-cigarettes

British American Tobacco has launched a multi-pronged media campaign urging new regulations so that "the e-cigarette industry can realize its potential and make a smoke-free UK a reality".

BAT said in a press release that England wants to be smoke-free (smoking rates down to 5% or less) by 2030, with Wales targeting a similar timeline and Scotland four years later. British American Tobacco said it was taking the unprecedented step of publicly advertising in newspapers, websites and billboards in the UK to seek to limit the appeal of e-cigarettes, limit access to e-cigarettes to minors and reduce the environmental impact of disposable e-cigarettes. Influence.

British American Tobacco will run high-profile ads in newspapers and billboards across the UK ahead of the end of consultation on the Tobacco and Vape Bill on December 6, in a move that highlights the company's role in helping the UK transition from Determination to achieve smoke-free goal from 2030.

In response to the consultation, British American Tobacco, which markets Vuse in the UK, called for a ban on dessert and soft drink flavors, along with marketing slogans and images involving toys, cartoons and sweets.

Asli Eltongu, head of British American Tobacco's business, said: "E-cigarettes are key to achieving the UK's smoke-free goal. As the UK's largest manufacturer of e-cigarette products, we are aware of our responsibilities and urge the government to introduce more Strict e-cigarette regulations." We believe underage users should not be vaping, so we want candy, dessert and soft drink flavored e-cigarettes to be banned and new rules introduced for how and where e-cigarettes can be sold. "

British American Tobacco, which invests £300m a year in research and development and has a global research center in Southampton, believes regulation that ensures the right balance between promoting harm reduction and reducing the risk of unintentional use by minors is an important step for the government to achieve The best chance for ambitious goals.

BAT said this approach recognizes that flavor is an important driver for smokers seeking alternatives, while ensuring that specific vapor product flavors that have unique appeal to minors are eliminated.
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