Canary Islands to revise tobacco tax law in 2024

Canary Islands to revise tobacco tax law in 2024

According to 2first, the Canary Islands plans to revise its tobacco product tax law in 2024.

Starting next year, e-cigarette products and e-cigarette juice will be taxed at 0.10 euros (0.78 yuan) per milliliter, and the tax revenue will be included in the 2024 budget proposal.

Implementing the tax will make the Canary Islands the first autonomous community in Spain to impose specific taxes on tobacco products.

The tax would affect vaping devices and liquids regardless of nicotine content.

A Ministry of Health report titled "E-cigarette tax review: European regulations and potential scenarios in Spain" predicts that the upcoming tax on e-cigarettes could increase the country's public revenue from 7 million euros to 48 million euros.

The amendment also increases the tax rate on cigars and cigarillos from 2% to 4%, and on other tobacco products from 5% to 10%.
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