Imperial Tobacco's Polish plant has invested over PLN 1.5 billion and can produce 1,000 packs of tobacco per minute

Imperial Tobacco's Polish plant has invested over PLN 1.5 billion and can produce 1,000 packs of tobacco per minute

According to a report by ISBnews on January 25, Sandra Magdziak, director of the Tarnov-Podgorny plant of Imperial Tobacco Company of Poland and head of Imperial Tobacco Company Poland, gave a speech at ISBtech Information revealed that Imperial Tobacco has invested more than PLN 1.5 billion (approximately US$372 million) in the Tarnov-Podgorny plant, and the company plans to invest further to achieve equipment automation and sustainability development Goals.

Mandiak pointed out that the company's total investment in the Tarnov-Podgorny plant so far has exceeded PLN 1.5 billion. This factory in Poznan is the largest of more than 20 Imperial Brands factories around the world and is the company's most technologically advanced production facility. Not only important at a corporate level, but also of great value to the local community, becoming one of the most important employer companies in the province.

In the past few years, Imperial Tobacco has carried out large-scale modernization of the Tarnov-Podgorny plant in Poznań, including expanding the scale of the production workshop, building a new fully automated high-inventory warehouse, and continuing to improve the factory's production capacity. Currently, the factory is equipped with world-leading equipment and can produce 1,000 packs of tobacco per minute.

Mandiak said: "We plan to further automate, including introducing more collaborative robots and automated processes. We will also optimize information flow and process management. In addition, we also have active plans in personnel training to adapt to this five-year plan. Production line replacement in the third year of the annual investment plan.”

She also said that the company will actively invest in the implementation of sustainable development solutions in the coming years. As Imperial Tobacco Poland, they will achieve the ambitious goals set by the group to reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2025, compared to a 2017 baseline. By 2030, the company plans to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions, that is, the energy consumption directly used by the company will be zero.

In addition, Imperial Tobacco also plans to expand investment in Poland, including building a supply chain center in Warsaw and setting up a business service center in Krakow.
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