JTI may enter the Korean heated tobacco market in the first half of 2024

JTI may enter the Korean heated tobacco market in the first half of 2024

According to a report by Korean media etoday on January 9, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is ready to enter the Korean market, inspired by the Korean heat-not-burn market led by KT&G and Philip Morris.

According to tobacco industry sources, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Korea is expected to add heated tobacco cigarette rods to cigarette shelves in Korean convenience stores in the first half of this year. This action is regarded by the tobacco industry as a series of actions taken by JTI Korea to launch a new type of e-cigarette. Currently, JTI Korea does not sell HNB cigarettes and cigarette rod products there.

Since 2022, JTI has registered more than 100 e-cigarette-related design patents with the Korean Patent Office. These patents cover everything related to e-cigarette devices and related components, including the trademark for its new HNB product "Ploom X" sold in Japan.

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is a Japanese tobacco company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which operates a subsidiary in South Korea, JTI Korea. Although JTI launched Ploom Tech, an e-cigarette product using liquid cartridges in South Korea in 2019, the company stopped selling it in 2021. Nonetheless, as JTI is expanding its e-cigarette business globally, the industry is generally optimistic about the prospects of JTI Korea entering the Korean e-cigarette market.

A relevant person from JTI Korea said that the plan to release e-cigarettes has not yet been determined, but they are continuing to consider multiple possibilities for entering the Korean e-cigarette market based on consumer demand and industry trends.
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