Many countries will increase tobacco taxes in 2024

Many countries will increase tobacco taxes in 2024

In Sri Lanka, market leader Ceylon Tobacco Co. has raised the prices of four cigarettes by RMB 5, RMB 15, RMB 20 and RMB 25 per stick due to the excise and value-added tax hikes, Asia Mirror reported. Rupee (1 Sri Lankan Rupee is equivalent to RMB 0.0220).

The government justifies raising taxes as it hopes to increase revenue sources while curbing tobacco consumption.

At the same time, Azerbaijan increased the excise tax on cigarettes from 38 Azerbaijani naira ($22.35) per 1,000 sticks to 45.5 Azerbaijani naira per 1,000 sticks. The excise tax on cigarillos has been increased from 43 Asian dollars per 1,000 cigarettes to 45.5 Asian dollars per 1,000 pieces.

E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products are now taxed at 16 manats per 1,000 sticks, compared with 14 manats per 1,000 sticks in 2023.

The excise tax on disposable e-cigarettes, hookahs and their substitutes has been increased from 0.25 manats to 2 manats.

In Belgium, a new e-cigarette tax of €0.15 per milliliter comes into effect on January 1.
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