Research shows: 85% of teenagers have been exposed to e-cigarette advertising

Research shows: 85% of teenagers have been exposed to e-cigarette advertising

According to tuoitre news on November 23, a study conducted on people aged 18 to 35 in Australia, China, India and the United Kingdom showed that 85% of teenagers have been exposed to e-cigarette advertising.

Although these ads violate World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to ban all forms of e-cigarette advertising, they are widely distributed online and other digital media that are difficult to regulate.

The study points out that although many governments have implemented strict control policies on e-cigarettes, e-cigarette advertisements still find ways to reach young people and cause them to misunderstand e-cigarettes, mistakenly believing that e-cigarettes are healthier and more convenient than traditional cigarettes. , more fashionable.

In fact, multiple studies have confirmed the significant damage e-cigarettes do to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the increased risk of nicotine addiction, especially in children and adolescents.

Of the 4,107 study participants, 1,011 said they lacked knowledge about e-cigarettes. These people are mainly from China (50%) and India (35%); about 85% of respondents said they have been exposed to at least one form of e-cigarette advertising, most of which are through social media platforms, which is far higher exposure to other forms of media.

Research shows that for every additional media advertisement a young person is exposed to, e-cigarette consumption increases by 5%. Other important factors related to e-cigarette consumption include whether they currently smoke or have ever smoked, or have friends or family members who use e-cigarettes.

Additionally, research shows that men are more likely to smoke than women.
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