Survey shows policymakers must keep up with innovation

Survey shows policymakers must keep up with innovation

Respondents to an international survey commissioned by Philip Morris International and conducted by Povaddo said policymakers must keep pace with innovative breakthroughs to benefit public health. 74% of participants agreed that the government's failure to take timely action will have a negative impact on public health.

The survey was conducted among 30,591 general adults aged 21 or older in 15 countries. The results are as follows:

63% of respondents support harm reduction as an appropriate approach to help non-smoking adult consumers move away from cigarettes and towards less harmful alternatives such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

More than half of respondents (56%) believe their government needs to consider the role smoke-free alternatives can play in eradicating cigarette use in their country.

An overwhelming majority of respondents agreed that the voices of those affected must be heard, with 81% saying the government needs to consider the views of adults who smoke or use other nicotine products when deciding how to regulate different nicotine products.

Philip Morris International said the findings reinforce calls to end inaction and accelerate progress toward a smoke-free future.

“In a world demanding change, regulators and public health officials must listen to those affected by policies of inaction,” Gregoire Verdeaux, Philip Morris International’s senior vice president of external affairs, said in a statement. The biggest voices." "When it comes to cigarettes, those who pay the highest prices are the adult smokers who need better options. Their voices, needs and aspirations must be at the heart of strategies and policies to create a better future.
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