Philip Morris Spain president seeks meeting with health minister to support new tobacco controls and alternatives development

Philip Morris Spain president seeks meeting with health minister to support new tobacco controls and alternatives development

Daniel Cuevas, president of Philip Morris Spain, wants to meet with the new Minister of Health, Mónica García, with the aim of increasing tobacco prevention measures, reducing and especially Effects of secondhand smoke and tobacco on minors.

Cuevas said in an interview that he supports tightening regulations on new tobacco products such as heated tobacco and e-cigarettes. He admitted that these products have not developed as fast as expected in terms of commercialization and taxation. He further emphasized that the management of the packaging, flavors and sales channels of these new products is an important link to ensure that tobacco products do not fall into the hands of minors.

Cuevas specifically noted that while e-cigarettes may be a better option as a substitute for tobacco, they still need to be regulated. He argued that the appeal of a product should be managed, including packaging, illustrations and flavors that are attractive to minors. In addition, he emphasized that nicotine products should undergo strict age verification to ensure that only adults can purchase them.

Regarding the Minister of Health's first views on tobacco-related issues, the president of Philip Morris Spain said that it is reasonable and expected that the Minister of Health takes public health protection as the main goal. He said they agreed with the health minister's emphasis that decisions should be based on scientific evidence.

Cuevas emphasized that in order to protect non-smokers and prevent underage smoking, they are willing to actively participate in relevant dialogues and actively promote the search for solutions. Cuevas also suggested that air quality in public places such as restaurant patios be studied to target restrictions on tobacco products.

Cuevas believes that if independent studies, such as one by a Spanish university, concluded that nicotine products were causing damage to air quality, they would fully support larger restrictions. He also emphasized that, as far as they know, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco do not produce second-hand smoke and will not have any impact on non-smokers.

Cuevas concluded by saying that they, as a company, are very passionate about eliminating the worst nicotine products and moving to better alternatives that are combustion-free. He expressed confidence that public health workers will eventually realize that countries such as Sweden are leading the world in prevention and cessation policies, as well as supporting the development of better alternatives.
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