WHO announces more men smoke than women worldwide

WHO announces more men smoke than women worldwide

Visual Capital has published a chart depicting current tobacco consumption in selected countries around the world, based on WHO estimates for 2022.

Tobacco consumption rates have been declining around the world for decades. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated one in five people in the world uses tobacco products today.

This chart analyzes the entire data set of tobacco consumption in countries around the world up to 2022. These estimates relate to people aged 15 and older and include both smoking and smokeless tobacco (including e-cigarettes).

In almost all countries, tobacco use rates are higher among men than among women. It is reported that globally, 36% of men are smokers, while only 8% of women are smokers.

From a regional perspective, many countries in Asia have higher rates of tobacco use. In particular, Indonesia (overall prevalence 38.5%) and Myanmar (43.9%) have among the highest rates of tobacco use in the world, with an estimated 73.6% of Indonesian men smoking or using tobacco. In many Asian countries, the differences between male and female smokers are greater than in other parts of the world. For example, in China, an estimated 47.3% of men smoke, but only 2.0% of women smoke.

The prevalence of tobacco consumption is lower in the Americas, especially in Africa. Nigeria's tobacco consumption rate in 2022 is 2.9%, the lowest in the world.

In Europe, smoking rates are highest in Bulgaria (34%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (35.1%) and Serbia (36.6%).
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