Croatian health experts: 'Harmless' e-cigarette ads confuse teenagers

Croatian health experts: 'Harmless' e-cigarette ads confuse teenagers

According to the Croatian media glas-slavonije, Croatian public health expert Dr. Miodrag Beneš taught a seventh grade student at the Ivana Brilic Mazuranic primary school in Orachovica. , eighth-grade students explained knowledge about e-cigarettes.

He made it clear that advertising for e-cigarettes, which is particularly serious in Croatia, confuses teenagers by portraying them as harmless products.

Dr. Benesh said in the lecture that he visited most schools in the province and found that students bought e-cigarettes at the school gate. "E-cigarettes are advertised as a healthier option than regular cigarettes, but the reality is exactly the opposite," he added.

He added that today's young people bite various small bags in their pockets into their mouths, thus absorbing nicotine directly from the mucosa, "which may lead to oral cancer and gum cancer." He pointed out that in addition to nicotine in e-cigarettes, Also contains formaldehyde, which is used to embalm corpses.

He finally denounced that these products are blatantly sold to children and teenagers all over Croatia. He firmly opposes such behavior and believes that children should be prohibited from buying them for the sake of their health and normal life.
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