Philip Morris International launches LEVIA tobacco-free products

Philip Morris International launches LEVIA tobacco-free products

Philip Morris International will launch LEVIA, a tobacco-free product based on cellulose ingredients containing nicotine and designed to significantly reduce harm compared to traditional cigarettes.

In an interview with Egypt Daily News, Philip Morris International's Vice President of Global Scientific Engagement, Gizelle Baker, stressed that the company is committed to providing smokers with satisfactory alternatives and understanding of quitting smoking. complexity. Philip Morris' strategy includes a variety of device types, price points, flavors, and addressing rituals associated with smoking, she noted.

According to Philip Morris International, LEVIA is a nicotine delivery system similar to e-cigarettes, but without tobacco, and it releases 99% fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes. Used in conjunction with ILUMA devices, LEVIA is designed to provide a sensory smoking experience while minimizing health risks. Philip Morris International's approach to reducing secondhand smoke includes eliminating the generation of smoke by not burning tobacco.

Bakers said Philip Morris International envisions a smoke-free future by eliminating combustion, not necessarily tobacco or nicotine. The company aims to leverage expertise gained from tobacco research to expand its portfolio beyond smoking-related products into the health and healthcare sector. That shift includes exploring new smoke-free products other than orals, tobacco heating systems and e-cigarettes, Baker said.

The company's acquisitions in pharmaceutical manufacturing signal the company's shift toward diversifying products beyond tobacco. Philip Morris International predicts that future innovative products will be based on scientific advancement and customer satisfaction, covering equipment and consumer goods categories.
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