Portugal’s new tobacco law approved

Portugal’s new tobacco law approved

Portugal has issued a parliamentary decree changing the EU directive to remove certain exemptions for heated tobacco products and "strengthening standards for the prevention and control of smoking," Portugal News reported.

On November 28, the Tobacco Working Group approved the transposition into Portuguese law of a European directive that Portugal must urgently adopt under the threat of non-compliance.

On the same day, several organizations called for "every effort" to normalize the situation in Portugal by changing the European directive that equates heated tobacco with conventional tobacco "in the shortest possible time".

According to the report, on November 30, Parliament passed the final text of the 2022 European Commission directive aimed at strengthening standards for the prevention and control of smoking into national law.

The new tobacco law only includes the equality of e-cigarettes with traditional tobacco, and a proposal to ban the sale and consumption of tobacco near schools, at petrol stations or on patios with certain coverings.
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