Snus products grow in popularity, experts warn of potential risks

Snus products grow in popularity, experts warn of potential risks

An alternative called snus (tobacco-containing snus) is becoming increasingly popular, but experts warn that the product has potential health risks. For this unfamiliar term, it is necessary to understand that Snus is actually a tobacco product that looks like a small tea bag.

Snus originates from Northern Europe and has always been popular there. It has actually become the most common type of tobacco product in Norway and is becoming increasingly popular among young people. However, Snus is even illegal in all countries of the European Union, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

These small dry packets of tobacco are placed under a person's lips for about thirty minutes and are often compared to single-use tea bags. However, because they contain nicotine, Snus are addictive.

Toxicology management consultant Libby Clarke told the media that nicotine in oral products is absorbed more slowly than inhaled cigarettes or e-cigarettes, so their addictive potential may be lower.

However, a dentist in London warned everyone on social media that placing Snus on the gums during use may cause harm to the oral cavity, leading to gum disease and gingivitis, and may even be precancerous lesions. Currently, there isn't a lot of data on the safety of Snus, but in theory, the product should be better than cigarettes, but still harmful to your health.

Pharmacist Ian Budd added that because Snus contains nicotine, it is considered an addictive substance, which is what causes smoking addiction in the first place. Some studies suggest that Snus use may be associated with higher rates of pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and diabetes, although research is still ongoing.
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