The Spanish government plans to expand the scope of the smoking ban: including public places and private cars

The Spanish government plans to expand the scope of the smoking ban: including public places and private cars

According to a report by the Spanish media Albacete Tribune on December 23, Spain’s new central government is preparing to impose new restrictions on smokers. The proposal stems from new Health Minister Mónica Garcia, who wants to further restrict the areas in which smokers can smoke in Spain, thus reviving the anti-smoking plan proposed by Salvador Illa in 2021.

The Ministry of Health intends to expand smoke-free areas to include bars, terraces, beaches and in private cars with minors or pregnant women. The policy has been highly praised by health professionals and scientific societies, who have been campaigning for years to prevent teenagers starting to smoke and use other toxic products such as e-cigarettes and shisha, calling for the extension of smoke-free zones to dining terraces and outdoor sports or performances. place. This requirement is also intended to prevent non-smokers from being harmed by second-hand smoke when in close proximity to smokers in these places.

Dr. Susana Morena, head of Spain's Tobacco Research Group, applauded the new health minister's plan to take the necessary measures to protect the health of the majority of non-smokers currently in Spain, which is a "very positive" approach.

At the same time, Dr. Pedro Talaga, medical coordinator of the Spanish 5A Health Center, also expressed support, but pointed out that the plan may not be thorough enough because tobacco consumption has increased in recent years. “The proportion of the smoking population has increased and is currently close to 38 %-39%".

"This is a very important step forward," said Raúl Godoy, a pulmonologist at a hospital in the Albacete autonomous community and president of the Community Respiratory Pathways Society of Castile and Mancha. Dr. Godoy said, "We respiratory doctors have been working hard to strengthen anti-tobacco laws and ban smoking in open spaces in order to set an example to minors and prevent them from starting to smoke. The situation now is different from the original ban There was a lot of opposition to smoking in pubs and restaurants, but now people will see these anti-smoking measures as being justified."

The report also mentioned that doctors are optimistic about measures to strengthen regulations on e-cigarettes and hope that their restrictions will be equivalent to those on tobacco, because it has now been clearly proven that e-cigarettes are harmful and harmful to teenagers, especially when teenagers start to use them. equipment without recognizing the hazards they create.
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